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My name is Taylor Marsh and this is my page. Listening to music is my favorite hobby and I love to sing. I thought that making a web page might be cool because it gets my opinions out there about cetain music and it might even save you from making a bad purchase.

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Taylor's picks and reviews of R&B music

Album Reviews

Her upbeat songs spice up her album, yet her weak voice brings it down. But Billy Lawrence's songs are pure quality-songs of love, yet she has limited singing talent. After awhile you just put her voice behind and listen to the different beats on different songs. This album is very good because it's upbeat and uplifting. I'm sure it will make you want to get up and dance.
Rating: 8

After five long years, the divas of R&B back and ready to top the charts. Even without their lead singer, Dawn Robinson, En Vogue still has it. En Vogue is back and just as good without what's-her-name. With En Vogue's powerful vocal skills and unique style, they are bound to have many hits off of their newest album, "EV3." Their harmonizing is spectacular on one song after another. This album includes the hits, "Whatever," and "Too Gone, Too Long." I urge you to get out to your local music store and buy a copy of your own.
Rating: 9.

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