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Look up your friends at UCSF with its online phone directory.

Here are some links to my friends who have home pages:


As a former word processing specialist, I appreciate words. As I find sites which magnify the power of the Word, I'll put 'em here.

Project Bartleby, "The Public Library of the Internet", an ambitious web site at Columbia University, offers many literary and reference works online.

MIT has simplified access to the works of the Bard by creating this Shakespeare page. Also at MIT, "The Tech" maintains web access to a collection of classic Greek and Roman works.

To get your daily dose of word-power, check into the A.Word.A.Day home page.

Or for a more timely word, there's local news from the San Jose Mercury News or the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle newspapers.


First stop on the tour is the all-American Smithsonian Institution.

Then we have to give the French their due: they've been at this art thing for a long time, as these cave paintings attest. And their big museum, the Louvre, ain't bad either.

For afficianadoes of graffiti, here's a gallery of "Art Crimes."

Local museums on the net:

Humor (ar, ar)



A few of my favorite a cappella groups are:

More than once, the Bobs have appeared on San Francisco's own radio show to the world, West Coast Live. In the tradition of Prairie Home Companion, West Coast Live incorporates music, comedy, skits and local color.

The Elephant Talk web page is devoted to my favorite instrumental group/concept, Robert Fripp's King Crimson.


One of the coolest destinations near San Francisco is Monterey.


The San Francisco Giants now have their own Virtual Dugout on the WWW.


Here's a link to the Linux Documentation Project.

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